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Adams Realty will develop a strategic-marketing plan to maximize your home's exposure. Utilizing our vast experience, Adams Realty will make sure your home is exposed in all the appropriate media. Remember, one of the greatest advantages to utilizing the services of a Realtor like Adams Realty, is the benefit of our company's collective real estate activity. Buyers will be drawn from the hundreds of other ads, referrals, networking, and Multiple Listing leads that are generated by these efforts.

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Homeowners attempting to sell their home without the assistance of a real estate professional generally do so for one and one reason only: to avoid paying a commission fee. Is it worth it? Well, only the homeowner can answer that, but experience has shown that many "For Sale By Owners" find that it is not! Before making a costly mistake, consider the benefits, from A to Z, you will receive from working with a Adams Realty real estate professional:

Advertising - Adams Realty pays all advertising costs.

Bargain - Research shows that 77% of sellers felt their commission was "well spent."

Contract Writing - Our Agents can supply standard forms to speed the transaction.

Details - Adams Realty frees you from handling the many details of selling a home.

Experience and Expertise Our Agents have experience and expertise in marketing, financing, negotiating and more.

Financial Know-How - Adams Realty is aware of the many options for financing the sale.

Glossary - Our Agents understands, and can explain, real estate lingo.

Homework - Adams Realty will do homework on how to best market your home.

Information - If you have a real estate question, Adams Realty will know (or can get) the information.

Juggle Showings - Our Agents will schedule and handle all showings.

Keeps Your Best Interest In Mind - That's Adams Realtys' job!

Laws - Our Agents are up-to-date on real estate laws that affect you.

Multiple Listing Service - The most effective means of bringing together buyers and sellers.

Negotiation - Adams Realty can handle all price and contract negotiations.

Open HouseOpen Houses - A popular marketing technique.

Prospects - Our Agents have a network of contacts that can produce potential buyers.

Qualified Buyers - Avoid opening your home to "curiosity seekers."

Realtor - Adams Realty is a member of the National Association of Realtors and subscribes to a strict code of ethics.

Suggested Price - Our Agents will do a market analysis to establish a fair price range.

Time - One of the most valuable resources in a Adams Realty agent.

Unbiased Opinion - Most owners are too emotional about their home to be objective.

VIP - That's how you will be treated by Adams Realty!

Wisdom - Adams Realty can offer the wisdom that comes with experience.

X Marks the Spot - Adams Realty Agent is right there with you through the final signing of papers.

Yard Signs - Adams Realty provides a professional sign, encouraging serious buyers.

Zero-hour Support - Selling a home can be an emotional experience. Adams Realty can help.



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