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PALERMO $349,900
3BR, 2BA & In-Law Apartment
Village Federal
CHINA $169,900
4-5BR's , 2BA & 2-car garage
Beautiful Ranch
3BR, 2BA Ranch with 2-car garage
and 2 lg outbuildings $249,900
26ac on 3 Mile Pond
26 acres & 616ft on 3 Mile Pond
Campground on China Lake

Campground on China Lake
7 Cabins, 15 RV Sites & 90 ac $929,000

Village Federal
Beautiful Ranch
26ac on 3 Mile Pond
Campground on China Lake
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Helpful tips to
selling your home

We can help you learn about the importance of staging.

About Selling

Getting Your Home Ready to Sell
"Staged homes typically fetch 7 % more than comparable unstaged properties and sell twice as fast", says Home Magazine.

Cleaning and de-cluttering: Remove personal items; freshen air and get rid of odors (pet, food); remove clutter from furniture, counters and all areas of the home; organize closets; polish woodwork and mirrors; clean the inside of all kitchen and bathroom cabinets and neatly organize items on shelves; clean windowsills; doors should be oiled and squeak-free; empty trash cans, recycling bins; make sure cabinets and drawers can open completely; keep baseboards clean and dusted; keep bookshelves, entertainment units organized neatly; keep shower curtains fresh and free from mildew, keep stairways and corridors clear; make bathrooms sparkle; sinks, toilets and tubs should be immaculate; remove appliances from kitchen counters.

Home staging: Add fresh flowers; removing personal items; reduce clutter; rearrange furniture; add new props or furniture to enhance rooms; hang artwork in walls; clean fireplace and prepare with logs for display and consider lighting up the fireplace during the colder months; clean out the entry closet and put only a few hangers so that the buyer can visualize winter coats; hang extra clean towels in the bathroom for your guests; have beds made; take pets up away from home during showings; open drapes/blinds to allow light in; remove all unnecessary articles in basement or attic; remove magnets, photos and notes from refrigerator; remove personal possessions, like photos, trophies and mementos; stage garage - clean up oily floors, straighten tools and other equipment.

Lightening and brightening: Open windows; clean windows and skylights inside and outside; replace old curtains; remove other obstacles from windows blocking light; repair lighting fixtures; make sure window open easily; clean all switchplates; clean skylight for leaves and other debris; increase the wattage of bulbs to maximum possible wattage; make sure all outdoor lighting works; prune outside trees/bushes to allow natural light inside; turn on all lights so home is well lit during showing; wipe all light fixtures with a rag and cleaning solution; at night, turn on porch light and outdoor lighting.

Paint outside of home: Fresh coat of paint around exterior of home and garage; paint door and doorframe; paint shutters; paint window ledges; repairing damages to chimney; paint or re-stain fence; paint or replace mailbox; paint over any rust spots or streaks on downspouts; polish door handles and knockers; remove rust from railings; repair holes in gutters and repair any separations from eaves; repair or replace shingles or tiles missing from the roof; seal cracks on porch and remove any standing water; secure railings and seal or paint as necessary.

Landscaping: Mow front and back yards; add bark mulch; rake and remove leaves, branches and debris; plant bushes and colorful flowers; add planters and hanging plants; water lawn and plants; remove weeds and dead plants; manicure existing plants; powerwash, re-paint or re-stain a deck if the wood is worn or mildewed; repair damaged, rusty or bent fence; paint or stain if necessary; keep the firewood neatly stacked; keep trash area clean and organized; keep walks, steps and driveway obstacle-free ; remove signs such as Beware of Dog; put welcome mat at the doorway.

Repair Plumbing: Update leaky or old faucet spouts and handles; repair leaks under bathroom or kitchen sinks, laundry room pipes; toilets should be in good working condition; remove mildew stains; all drains should be clean and free flowing; have your well or septic inspected or cleaned; inspect, clean and change filter of furnace; remove mildew stains and repair any loose, crumbling caulk or grout around tile and tub areas.

Update electrical: Update electrical with new wiring for modern appliances and/or Internet and other audio/visual equipment requested in homes today; door bell should work; service sprinkler systems; fix lights and outlets that do not turn on; make sure outlets are safety approved.

Painting interior walls: Fresh coat of neutral paint in rooms throughout the house; remove dated wallpaper; whitewash dark paneling; paint front door; have leaks repaired and watermarks covered; Add new wallpaper if the current wallpaper is torn or withered and make sure it adheres to the wall; worn woodwork like stairwell railings and doors should be repainted and or stained; make sure that cracks in ceiling/walls are repaired.

Repair damaged floors: Patch, repair or replace hard wood floors; clean and wax linoleum; replace missing tiles; re-grout tile floors; eliminate creaks in floors; if you decide to replace a linoleum floor, choose a neutral color that will have wide appeal; replace worn out vent covers.

Replacing or shampooing carpets: Steam carpet thoroughly; replace worn carpet; secure carpets to floor; stretch and tack down any loose or curling carpet; eliminate creaks in floors under carpets by driving nails into creaky area; if you have pets hire a professional to deodorize carpets;do not sweep things under a rug or carpet - should lay flat on the floor; remove carpet if there is hardwood beneath it.

Update kitchen: If the appliances are included with the sale of your home, make sure they are operating and have proper documentations such as warranties and repair information; if appliances are dated or not functioning, consider replacing with moderately priced appliance; repair damaged counter tops; fix cupboard doors; repair broken shelving or pantry; fix hardware like doorknobs and cabinet handles; repair any water damaged surfaces or areas; garbage disposal should work properly; paint, touch-up or refinish kitchen cabinetry; tighten or replace loose doorknobs or cabinet pulls, sticking doors and drawers and wobbly hinges.

Update bathrooms: Update moderately priced bathroom fixtures; sink; toilets should function properly; fix leaky faucets; repair shelving and towel racks; add new towels and mats; repair vanities and mirrors; clean sliding glass shower doors; replace shower curtains; re-caulk damaged caulk on shower, sinks, tub or toilet; clean tile; replace toilet seat; if there are missing or damaged tiles, have them replaced; make sure sinks are clean and stain-free.



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